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Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' w alpinarium.

Staw w alpinarium.

Puszczyk - jeden z mieszkańców Arboretum

General information

Geographical coordinates:

51°49'N, 19°53'E


53,76 ha

Administrative location:

The Arboretum is situated in the Łódź Voivodship, in the Commune of Rogów, which is located in the District of Brzeziny.

Natural conditions:

The Arboretum lies on the Rawska Upland, in the Central Polish Lowlands region. It was laid out on forest land. In the remaining forest, which existed before the gardens were opened, there are 150 year old pines, as well as spruces, oaks and hornbeams. In terms of site types, the forest here is predominantly mesic deciduous and mixed mesic deciduous.

Climatic conditions:

The vegetative period here lasts for approximately 212 days and the average annual precipitation is 596 (404-832)mm, of which 80% occurs during the vegetative period. The average annual air temperature is 7.2°C; January -3.2°C, July 17.3°C.

Soil conditions:

The Arboretum lies in the area of the Central Polish Warta glaciation substage. Hydrologically speaking, it belongs to the Vistula Basin. The post-glacial sediments are predominantly clay and unlayered sand. The surface layers are primarily eolian silts. Thus one finds here fairly fertile, but acidic, predominantly luvic soils. The water table is very low, beyond the reach of tree roots.

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