Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego Leśny Zakład Doświadczalny SGGW w Rogowie

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How to find us

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The garden can be reached by any one of several means.

The most simple is to come by car. The Arboretum is located approximately 1.5km from National Road No. 72, Łódź - Rawa Mazowiecka. Follow the road and, when you reach village of Marianów (around 5km past Jeżów, coming from Rawa and 10 km past Brzeziny, coming from Łódź), turn north and follow the road to the end, then turn right, and left immediately afterwards. This will bring you straight into the Arboretum car park, where you can leave your car.
The Arboretum lies approximately 100km from Warsaw and 40km from Łódź.

We can also be reached by train. The only trains to stop at Rogów station are the stopping trains from Łódź Fabryczna to Skierniewice. It takes no more than approximately 15 minutes to walk to the Arboretum from the station and the route is signposted with yellow arrows. Directions: on leaving the station building, bear left and then make your way along the road as it follows the railway tracks running toward Skierniewice.

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