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Cytryna owocująca w szklarni Arboretum

The tropical plant collection

The Arboretum has two greenhouses with a combined area of 400 m2 used mainly to plant propagation purpose. Indeed, it is owing to these severe constraints on space that the collections they house are not currently open to visitors.
The greenhouse collections complement the outdoor collections and primarily consist of plants from the sub-tropical zone, namely, those which stand no chance of surviving the winter outside. They include Sequoia sempervirens, Quercus suber, Magnolia grandiflora and Michelia figo, Afrocarpus manni and Cupressus torulosa. The collection also holds several sub-tropical and tropical species of pine, namely Pinus radiata, Pinus montezume, Pinus palustris and Pinus roxburgii.
In addition, some popular sub-tropical and tropical plants are cultivated, these being Laurus nobilis, Ficus carica, Cycas revoluta, Persea americana, Musa sp., Coffea arabica and Olea europaea.
These plants are cultivated primarily for educational purposes and are used for work with students of botany and forestry. Some of them are also moved outside from May to September and can then be seen by visitors.

The collection's current status, as at April 2010:
  • Number of genera: 26
  • Number of taxa: 38
  • Number of provenances: 44
  • Number of specimens: 57
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