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Tablica informująca o Narodowej Kolekcji rodzaju Eleutherococcus w Rogowie.

The National Collection

Although the idea of a National Collection was first conceived back in 2002, it is only in the last two years that it has been transformed into concrete action. A committee appointed by the project coordinator, the Polish Botanical Gardens' Society, set about registering the first collections. The concept underlying the project is to identify exemplary and, insofar as is possible, fully and well-documented collections of individual phylogenetic groups like genus, family, species etc. Such collections are awarded a National Collection certificate and are entitled to use the National Collection name and logo.

In 2007, the Rogów Arboretum put forward 3 collections. They were verified by the committee, which comprised: Ewa Jerzak, Ph.D.,Eng., Assistant Professor Jakub Dolatowski and Jacek Borowski, Ph.D., Eng. The committee visited the Arboretum on 5th October 2007 and endorsed the following three collections:

the genus Acer collection

the genus Eleutherococcus collection

the genus Stewartia collection

In addition, special National Collection information plates, created as part of the project and received by every owner of these collections, have stood in the park since August 2008.

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