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Educational activity

The educational activities conducted by the Arboretum covers not only the curricula for students of various universities but also encompasses a broad concept of education and the popularisation of botanical knowledge. We have been running these activities for more than 50 years, and their compass and form are continually developing. As the Arboretum continually develops and its plant collections expand on an ongoing basis, offering a constantly growing display of new species and varieties, so its appeal increases. It provides the opportunity not only to marvel at the sheer variety and beauty of form, and not only the chance to learn, but also an occasion to relax and unwind.
For many years, the number of visitors has maintained a steady level of between 5,000 - 8,000 individuals and 100 guided tours per year. Numbers have begun to rise sharply over the past few years, attesting to society's growing interest in, and need for direct contact with nature. Similarly, the number of guided tours rose to around 500 per year, giving combined visitor numbers reaching 50,000. This places the management of the Arboretum under new pressure to provide an ever better prepared garden, and one which is also ever more accessible to our visitors. This end is served by the number of signs bearing the names of the plants, brochures and guides to the garden, all of which increase with each year as do the spots we prepare for our visitors to relax and take the weight off their feet. The provision of adequate parking facilities also continues to grow. We also offer advice and information on determining plants, their requirements, habitats, reproductive methods, care, protection, etc. For more than a dozen years now, we have been working in close cooperation with the Nature and Forest Education Centre in Rogów, where a wide-ranging educational programme, addressed to children, young people, students and adults, is offered.

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