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Euonymus alatus apterus seeds

Seeds of Euonymus alatus var. apterus collected in the Arboretum

Acer rubescens seeds

Seeds of Acer rubescens wild collected in Taiwan

Index Seminum 2018

Rogów, December 2018


Index Seminum Download

This year we offer seeds collected in Rogów Arboretum from cultivated and naturally growing trees and shrubs.

The seeds are available for free exchange with scientific institutions around the world.

Basic information about the Arboretum

Rogów Arboretum of Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Local name: Arboretum SGGW
ul. Leśna 5b
PL-95-063 Rogów
Tel./fax: +4846 874 81 36

Geographical coordinates:
latitude = 51° 49' N
longitude = 19° 53' E
elevation = 185-196 m a.s.l.
area = 53,76 ha

USDA Hardiness Zone 6b

Climatic data:
mean annual temperature = 7.2°C.
mean annual minimum temperature = -20.4°C
January mean temperature = -3,2°
July mean temperature = 17.3°C
highest temperature recorded = 36.2°C (1992)
lowest temperature recorded = -34.0°C (1929)
mean annual precipitation = 596 mm

Ordering conditions

All orders must be made before April, 2019.
Orders are processed on a first come first served basis.
Each order is limited to 30 selections

You can download the PDF version of the catalogue here.

You can select a few additional numbers over the 30 prefferred ones. We will send them if some of your primary selections are already exhausted.

You may place your order:
by email:
by mail: Arboretum SGGW, ul. Leśna 5b, 95-063 Rogów, Polska - Poland
by fax: ++48 46 874 81 36



Note: our seed list takes part in the Pan-European seed-list search system. See more:

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